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Screen Rotation Galaxy S7 – Auto Rotate Screen in Android Easily



Screen Rotation which is one of the best feature available in smartphone helps the users to watch or see videos and images in landscape mode. Already some of the users are using this feature in their android device. Sometimes it is really hard for the users to find out the setting of this feature and due to this they are not able to rotate the screen of their device while turn phone sideways and here we are ready to help you to do this in this feature of screen rotation galaxy S7. Here in this article you are going to get to know about how to set the screen settings to auto rotate mode in android phones and what to do in process to use this in your android phone. So, keep reading this article till the end.

Screen Rotation in Galaxy S7


Screen Rotation in Galaxy S7

The screen rotation is default in portrait mode and generally all the phones is having portrait mode when you are on the home screen of the app. Some of the users are looking for the solution of this problem and the forced portrait mode for home screen or app screen is not having a limitation of Android devices. All the tablets and the phones support both of these modes if your device is having Android operating system. Some of the tablets is having the auto-rotate feature on the screen and some people report that Samsung screen rotation not working properly in their device. As portrait mode is really important in every phone and mostly all the phones is having portrait window by default. It is really hard to design the phone in the landscape mode and also it is really difficult to operate it as well. There are some of the other apps which needs the landscape mode and screen rotation as well. They mainly force the screen to access the landscape mode to make settings on the smartphone. If you are using the jelly bean which is higher or top version of android then you can simply use the Google Now launcher which helps you to rotate the home screen and also you can simply use the portrait mode and the landscape mode without facing any trouble. Also, this feature is one of the latest feature and also this feature works for the app screen Google Now Launcher.

Requirements to Auto Rotate the Home Screen in Android Phones

Basically, Google Now Launcher is the single app or setting which helps you to rotate the home screen or the app screen in the auto rotate mode. If you are not having or you are not using the Google Now Launcher then you are required to install it in your device by simply downloading it from Google Play Store and then you will see that the home screen is Google Now. There is no need to use any other software and also this software works awesome with Marshmallow as well. You just need to install it and then simply switch to Google Now Launcher. Also, you need to enable the option of auto rotate feature by just using the panel settings. You can simply access the quick setting in your android device by simply swiping down from the screen top and also you will simply find the auto rotate button easily. Also Check: Galaxy S7 Moisture Detected

Easily Setup Google Now Launcher to Make the Screen in Auto Rotate Mode

As I already told you that the feature of auto rotate gets disables by default and you are required to go to the Google setting to enable this feature. For the devices which are using the Marshmallow and then the Google setting has been used from settings to Google. Some of the Android Marshmallow phones doesn’t support the Google. Also, some of the Android OEMs add the Google Settings in different folder. Also, for the Samsung galaxy phone which is using the Marshmallow are able to find the Google settings which is available under “Settings ->> Applications. The devices which are using android lollipop, KitKat and jellybean, we have an app for you which is known as Google Settings and also this is already installed in your smartphones. If you want to access these settings, you just need to go to the settings page and then simply make a click on the “Search & Now” option.

More Information on Screen Rotation Galaxy S7

If you are using android then there are three different aspects which you need to do:
  • Two icons appears as the Google.
  • Favorite tray icons are available in the right side and allow automatically rotate.
  • There are three navigation buttons available on the right hand side.
Conclusion: So, finally we had shared all the information related to Screen Rotation in Galaxy S7 which helps you to perform several functions. Also, if you are facing more issues and problems related to screen rotation galaxy s8 or auto rotate android not working then you can make a direct contact with us by dropping a comment in the comment section below. We assure you to assist you with the best possible solution in a very quick and fast manner and provide you the best solution.

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