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iPad’s Microphone Not Working: Strange Workarounds Can Fix It



iPad’s Microphone Not Working: If you are using iPad and it is working really good apart from its microphone which is not able to listen anything as you said. Sometimes, you try Siri, Skype, voice memo and some of the other apps which is able to record sound. If all these things doesn’t work then definitely you will get annoying definitely. If your iPad’s microphone is not working properly then it is because of two major reasons which is an issue in your software which you can reset or it may be your device is having hardware issue in your microphone that it gets blocked. It is really simple to fix this problem but yes it is little costly to fix this problem.

iPad Microphone Not Working: Tips to Fix the Issue

It’s A Software Thing

If your iPad’s Microphone Not Working and if it is a software issue than you are lucky because sometimes when your device gets a firmware update or if you install an app which change some settings of your device then in case your microphone stops working. Also, it is not possible for an app to change the settings of your device microphone without getting your permission but there are some chances by which this problem takes place.
  • The simplest manner to fix this is just simply reset your device. First of all, you need to press the power button of your device till the slider show the power off option. When it shows then you need to press and hold the home button till the slider gets disappear. The iPad display start blinking and then it start working normally. Now, simply check your microphone.
  • Also, a hard reset also works. You need to press the home button and then simply hold it till your iPad gets blank. Now, you need to press the power button till you see the Apple logo appears and also the iPad gets on. Now, simply check your microphone that it starts working or not.
  • If all the above methods are not able helpful for you then you need to open settings -> General -> Reset and then simply reset all settings. Basically, a setting reset process will revert back all the values to normal. Sometimes, it also fix the issues of microphone as well.
  • Last option to fix this error it that you can simply restore your device and then simply follow the device cleaning steps from your hardware section.

What if it’s A Hardware Issue? 


iPad Microphone Not Working

If the above given means method 1 or 2 didn’t fix the issue of your iPad’s microphone then it means that there is an issue with your hardware. Have you drop your iPad ever? Or Have you ever bump your iPad with something? Or either your IPad is having lots of dust in it. These are some of the things which you need keep in your mind or which create a hardware issue in your device which leads to the issue with your iPad’s microphone. One of the best option which you can try to fix this issue to claim the Apple warranty which works a lot for lots of people whose device comes under warranty. So, we suggest you to do this. Also Check: How to Fix Shell Infrastructure Host Also, if your device doesn’t comes under warranty then you can simply follow the below given steps to fix this issue.
  • You need to use a small vacuum cleaner and then simply use it on the hole of the device microphone. Now, after doing this, simply check your microphone that it works of not and if it starts working then it is dust in your microphone which is creating issues.
  • If that steps doesn’t work than it may be a connectivity issue. Now, you need to blow into the hole and then tap on the hole of your device microphone. Yes, it seems little crazy but this process doesn’t harm your device.
  • Also, you can simply take your device to the Apple store if the above methods is not helpful for you. If you visit to the Apple Care than there are possibilities that thy can fix the issue of your iPad microphone by just taking a very less service fee. If not, than you need to buy a new device.
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