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HyperX Cloud 2 Mic not Working? Here is the Solution



HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working: You want the finest quality sound then go for the recommended HyperX Cloud 2 Headset. It offers the user audible and softcore music which is pleasing to the ears as well. Talking about the microphone, the HyperX Cloud 2 Mic is the finest microphone in the sound industry. But nowadays the users who are using Windows 10 in their computers and with the latest update of Windows 10 are encountering with the problem that their HyperX Cloud 2 mic not working with the latest update of Windows 10. If you are also one among them then this post is especially for you as in this article we are offering you a complete guide to fix Hyperx cloud 2 mics not working pc. Hyperx Cloud 2 is basically made for gamers who prefer high-quality gaming performance from their pc so that they can undergo the best experience. It is an outcome of the company called Kingston which makes quality devices. Hyperx Cloud 2 has one of the best features of the sound production unit. The headset comes with different-different pieces which are attached together make the headset. There is one jack which is inserted into the pc that works both for the microphone as well as the headset. .35mm jack is the most common and it has this feature.

How to fix the problem of hyperx cloud 2 mic not working:

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic not Working?

HyperX Cloud 2 Mic Not Working?

Games and other 3D sound technology uses both the ears of the headset as the music and sound are not same all the time in both the ears at one time. Make sure that all the components of the microphone are combined together and are not loose so it works properly. It has one of the best quality microphones which can be moved in a circular direction if not in use you can put it up otherwise in the position of using it you can put it down.

Possible reasons for the issue of why hyperx cloud 2 mic not working:

Although there can be many reasons for the failure of the mic not working on possible lists of the microphone not working are listed below. See if this is your issue or not:
  • The joints or the connection can be not in proper order.
  • There can be a problem in the software
  • The voice in the control panel of the pc can be different up/down. Check here also.
  • The settings in the audio part of the game can be disturbed.
  • There can be outdated or corrupted drivers of the pc which can cause the problem.

Step-by-step procedures and the methods on how to fix hyperx cloud 2 mic not working problem:

Below are listed some of the methods and steps by which you can fix the issue of hyperx cloud 2 mic not working –

Method 1: This is the most basic fix, you can try it first:

  • The connection can be loosened up between the pc and hyperx cloud 2 mic. To see for this fix if this is the problem. Sometimes the Dust is accumulated in the jack which disturbs the functioning of the aux. so ensure that the jack is free from it.
  • In the setting menu, you have to enable the mic and press it to the default
At times the option of recording devices are put to off and sometimes the volume bar is low so watch for it. Below are some steps by which you can access and change these settings. (hyperx cloud 2 mic not working for windows 10) Step 1: move the arrow cursor down and see for the Speaker icon and right-click on it. Step 2: click on the recording devices Step 3: a menu will pop-up and in the recording tab right-click on the headset microphone and enable it. Also, set it to default.
  • Windows comes with the option of troubleshooting in case of any issues.
With windows troubleshooter, the small problems are automatically detected and the options to solve it are selected. For this option right click on the speaker icon and click on the Troubleshoot Sound Problems. After this option follows the guidelines which come with the troubleshooter.

 Method 2: Sound drivers could be possibly outdated:

Step 1: To update the drivers of the headphone Right-click on the speaker in the taskbar and after it clicks on the Recording Devices option. Step 2: a window will pop-up then select on Headset Microphone and then click on the Properties of the microphone. Step 3: A small block will open and click on the driver tab. Under the driver, tab click on the Update Drivers option.

Method 3: Put an eye on the settings of the game sometimes this is overlooked and the user faces problems unnecessarily. If possible you can re-install the game also.

Method 4: The problems of the Realtek drivers:

There could be some problem with the audio software of the pc in most cases Realtek audio is used. And if there is improper installation be the problems arising out of nowhere. Step 1: Hover over the mouse in the right and in the search bar type the following: Microphone Privacy Settings. Step 2: a box will open and here look for the Enabling of the Microphone Also Check: WOW51900319 Error Related Searches: Conclusion: The above are some of the simplest steps by which the issue can be resolved. But, in case of hardware failure, you have to go to the manufacturer. If you have the warranty extended you can look for the warranty card and go to the nearest repair centre of HyperX cloud 2. HyperX is one of the most affordable and quality headsets for gaming. Also, you can use it for listening to music and sounds. It reaches the top list in the comfortability. This article helped you or not, you can write reviews in the comments section below and also give feedback if you have any suggestions.

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