Iphlpsvc: IP Helper Service Is It Safe To Disable? (Check Now)

Iphlpsvc: IP Helper Service Is It Safe To Disable?: As you know that the Iphlpsvs is also known as “the internet protocol helper service” and this service helps the users to retrieve and modify the network configuration settings of your windows system.

In very simple words, basically IP Helper is known as the Win 32 Service. You need to know how it works. If yes then you need to read this article very carefully so that you can understand it in a very simple manner. So, if we talk about the windows 10 then you need to start your system in an immediate manner at the time when you start your operating system.

Iphlpsvc – IP Helper Service

Iphlpsvc IP Helper Service
Iphlpsvc IP Helper Service

Basically IP helper service works as the LocalSystem with some of the other services like svchost.exe. Also, the IP Helper service helps you disable lphlpsvc service from your system when you want.

If the IP Helper doesn’t start then all the failure details will get recorded in a proper Event Log and when you start your windows 10 then you will get a notification which is that lphlpsvs service has been stopped working on your system due to some issue which takes place in your device.

Under What Conditions?

Now let’s have a look at the situation which doesn’t allow the IP helper service to work in your windows 10. Also, here we mention some of its services if they get disabled or deleted then your IP helper service will stop working.

  • NetIO Legacy TDI Support Driver
  • Network Store Interface Service
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
  • TCP/IP Protocol Driver
  • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service

If this service gets disabled in your system then the IP helper service will stop working or responding.

Can You Disable It?

From the above-given definition, you can easily understand about the lphlpsvc service which was given by the Microsoft and also you are able to safely disable it when you want to.

Also, if it suggested by the OptimizingPC that if IPv6 stops supporting your system then you can simply disable it with the help of below-given methods or steps which we will share below.

IP Helper For Mannequins

As we are having a small technical discussion related to the issue and now let’s have a look at the simplest explanation of all the things which was given by the OptimizingPC which says that what IP helper exactly is and also how it works. Also, it prefers IPv6 Connection related to an IPv4 network connection.

Why you need to select IPv6 connection over IPv4 network because of one reason which is IPv6 is one of the simple modern and advance in connectivity which allow the computer which was connected to the internet and having a new IP address of their own. Also, the IPv6 is having lots of advantages as well which you will not find in other providers.

Iphlpsvc: IP Helper Service Is It Safe To Disable? – Why Does iphlpsvc Occur?

There are several reasons behind the occurring of iphlpsvc in your system. Here, we will tell you the reason which will help you to get to know about it at a deeper level and also we will tell you all the possible solutions to fix this issue.

It Dominates Memory

Microsoft said that the IP helper service “iphlpsvcs.exe” takes and consumes lots of memory and it is a fact that these services take lots of resources and space of your device.

Now let’s have a look at the below-given process which will help you to disable the services which is not in use. Also, you need to ensure that the non-essential services at the time of disabling them from your device.

Simply follow the step by step instructions in a very careful manner so that you are able to disable the services which are not as important.

  • First of all, you need to make a click on the “Start” menu and then simply search for the “control panel” on which you need to make a click.
  • Then the control panel will open and here you need to look for the “Administrative tools and services” and then make a click on it.
  • When you select the option then a new window will appear on your display in which you need to select those services which you are using and which are useless and then simply mark than “disable” and then simply click on the “Ok” button.

Iphlpsvc: IP Helper Service Is It Safe To Disable? (Perform a Clean Boot) 

If you want to perform a clean boot in your window then you need to set of the drivers and startup programs in your system due to some programs remove the conflict which you will face at the time when you are installing or updating the other programs.

  • First of all, you need to log in to your computer as an administrator because, after this only, you are able to perform a clean boot.
  • Also, you will face some of the issues at the time when you start the computer after making a clean boot.
  • Please ensure that don’t use the system configuration utility so that you can easily alter the boot option till that time when the Microsoft support engine tells you the same thing and also you need to know that the network policy setting will create a problem but you need to go for the previously discussed policies.

How to Check Wheather IPv6 is Enabled?

If you want to know that how to check that IPv6 is enabled or not, then you need to follow the below-given steps in a very careful manner.

  • First of all, you need to select the “Start” menu and then simply type “ncpa.cpl” and then simply make a click on the “enter” button.
  • Also, this process will take you to the local area network (LAN) settings.
  • After this, you need to make a right-click on it and then simply make a click on the “properties” option and then simply check that the IPv6 is enabled or disabled.

With the help of above-given steps, you can understand that the IPv6 of your device is enabled or disabled and then you can simply ensure that it is enabled because, after this, you are able to disable the IP helper service from your computer.

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Can You Disable It?

When one of the users discussed that Avast installation optimized that the performance of the Operating system but the lphlpsv and also to Try Wks get flagged due to these services which involved the networks and also the remote database by which the users will always get affected.

Every user doesn’t use the remote database and also if you are a home user and no one access your system then it is ok to deactivate it.


So, hopefully, we had discussed all the details related to lphlpsvc service from the window 10. As we discussed all the information related to eth lphlpsvc so we hope that it helps you to understand about it in a detailed manner. If this article is helpful for you then simply drop a comment below and let us know.

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