Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS and PC 2020 (Must Check)

Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS and PC 2020: With the spreading of the internet in a big way, the way we got our entertainment has also undergone a drastic change. Gone are the days when we whole family gathered in front of the TV set to watch whatever was being played on it. But now with the coming of a host of online media streaming services, we have got many more options in front of us.

Among the most loved and comprehensive ones are also the most costly ones, and among them come the services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HotStar Prime, Sony Liv Prime and so on.

But the problem is that most of the paid services are beyond the reach of the common man. So here come the services that provide free access to many streaming services to the people.

There are many, but not all are safe for use. Many of them bombard you with annoying ads and also you may get infected by malware by using their services. So it is advisable to first go through a guide like this to be on the safer side.

How Do Free Streaming Services Work?

Free Streaming Services
Free Streaming Services

All those free movie services stream their content from various sources, which may not be always legal ones. But they play the content mostly through their in-built media players and they collect their revenue by showing some ads during the show. Although you may disable it through some app like an ad blocker, or the like, it is advisable to not to do so as they get their revenue from those ads.

Here we are going to tell you some of the Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS and PC. So, read this article till the end.

Review of the Best Free Movie Apps

Best Free Movie Apps
Best Free Movie Apps

There are hundreds of such apps, but here I am talking about only the top 10 free apps. This list is subjective. So other people may differ in their choice. But for the best of everybody, I have selected the following, based on Security, Library size, User experience, Streaming quality and so on.

So let’s start .:-

  1. ShowBox


This is one of the most popular free movie streaming apps and this is why it comes under best Free Movie Apps for Android, iOS and PC category.

Menu Bar:- Its interface is clean and beautiful. From the Menu Bar, you can choose between movies or TV shows.

Trailer:- If you want to have a preview of the show you can just enjoy the trailer of any show.


In the favourite section, you can easily bookmark your most watched and favourite movies and shows.

Offline Usage:- the app allows you to download any of its shows to your device to watch it at your leisure.

It has got the most comprehensive library among the free apps. But on the downside, the streaming is limited to only 720p resolution and there are many pop-up ads during the show.



This popular app is available for all Android 4. and higher devices. This app is minimal in features but provides an extensive library in HD quality with bookmark facility.

Full HD quality and continuous library update are its plus points, whereas high RAM usage and no support for downloading are its downsides.

Pros and Cons:-  On the positive side, the app is very fast and supports full HD quality and an up to date library. But not allowing the download, high RAM usage and high amount of ads are its downsides.



With a great interface and a huge library of the latest movies and shows, this app is very popular among Android users. Its UI gives a premium feel.

The sorting of the movies is very intuitive and you can get detailed information about any movie through the app.

Pros and Cons:- This app gives you the option to Bookmark as well as to download for offline viewing.

Offline usage, small app size, constantly updated library and bookmarking are its strong points.

But intrusive ads and streaming quality limited to 720p are its drawbacks.



This app is available for both Android as well as iOS and it doesn’t require any login. Its iUI is extensive but well organised.

Multiple Hosts:- The main feature of this app is that it can stream from different hosts thereby minimising the error of playing. If one host doesn’t work, you can watch from a different one.

Child Safety:- You can hide all adult content from the children and can give them the phone to any children-specific show.

It also allows downloading the content for offline viewing.

Pros and Cons:-Full HD content, multiple hosts and downloading are its highlights, whereas intrusive ads are its main disadvantages.



This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Although it is mainly an Anime content provider, yet it also gives the option to read blogs and movie shows.

Menu and UI:- The UI is minimal and you straight land in the most recent section. You can browse the content from the search bar at the top. You can find channels in three categories: Trending, Most recent and All.

Blog:- In addition to the media content this app also provides you with the option to read blogs through it.

 Favourite:-This app allows you to bookmark your favourites.

Pros and Cons:- Your ability to change the streaming quality while viewing, blog and small size are its plus points, while the very limited library is the dampener.



This app is really a cross-platform one being available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms at the same time. It is often called “the Netflix of Torrents”. It streams its contents from various torrent sites and plays through its own media player.


The UI is sleek but simple. The home screen shows the new additions, and from the search bar located at the top, you can search through the library. From the menu button, you can browse through the categories.

Favourite and Bookmark:-

The app allows both bookmarking and downloading of contents.

Pros and Cons:- Full HD quality, Fast servers, offline viewing and minimal battery usage are its plus points. Only showing from torrent sites and high RAM usage is its drawbacks.



This free app mainly focuses on documentary and independent films with a fairly large library.

Look and UI:- The app is minimal look but very functional UI. In the Home screen, you will find all the films and categories. From the search bar, you can search for anything.

Streaming quality:- It supports full HD streaming, but due to buffering problem it lags a lot. So for smooth viewing, you have to select a lower resolution.

Pros and Cons:- Streaming in full HD, ease of use and support of independent films and documentaries are its strong points. Heavy battery usage and poor HD streaming are its negatives.

  1. TUBI TV


This free app is maintained by more 200 partners, who are constantly updating its library. This app comes under the best free movie apps for android category. You must need to use this app if you love to watch movies online.

Interface:- On the Home screen you will find all the feature contents. You can browse through the library by using the Menu button which sits at the top left corner.

Newsfeed:- There is some originality associated with this app. They have a News section, but it is not updated regularly.

Pros and Cons:- The only pro is a little originality. The cons are many, like a very old library, heavy on the battery and low streaming quality.



This app is available on both iOS and Android platform. It has got a very extensive library containing both Hollywood and Bollywood movies, with the option of using the app either as a free user or as a paid user.

Interface:- The interface is not very enticing for a paid app, only functional.

Free and Paid:-  The free section has a very limited library with ads and low quality of streaming. But the paid service gives ad-free, full HD streaming of the huge library.

Pros and Cons:- The app is very small in size and is not a memory hungry app. The negatives are many. Free service has very limited SD quality library. The paid service is not worth it as others are giving more than that for free.


Crackle is available on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

It’s a free service from Sony TV network with some limitations. It is one of the best free movie apps for android which you must need to use.

Interface:- The interface is very beautiful and user-friendly. Movies and TV shows are segregated into different sections with the main page featuring the recent releases.

Library:- Being a SONY service, its library is naturally very huge with a good many numbers of TV shows and a very large library of movies.

Favourite:- Crackle allows you to bookmark any show or movie. There is also a very nice option of pausing a show a movie or a show on one device and resuming the same on another device. Also, there is an option to search for another show or movie, while you are watching a movie or a show.

Pros and Cons:- Low RAM usage, minimal ads, social media sharing and fast buffer are its positive points.

Forcing the user to register and support of only 480p video quality are its weak points.

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We have gone through many movie apps, but none can match the apps like Netflix or Hulu or Amazon prime in any respect. Most of them generally stream their content from dubious sources, still, as not everybody can afford the paid services, they can use any of the discussed.

Some better ones are Showbox, Cinema box and Popcorn time. If you want to download instead of streaming, go for Megabox. For child safety, go for Cinema box.

So friends, with this I conclude the review. I hope after going through this article you will be able to choose a free movie streaming app which best suits your requirements and taste.

Please leave your valuable comments in the comments section below.

Thanks for going through the article. Please bookmark this page for more such informative articles in future. Stay tuned. Have a nice day.

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