America’s Best value cars of 2013

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Most savvy car buyers are aware that as soon as a new car gets driven off a dealer’s lot it immediately takes a dip in value. …


How to get a great deal when buying a new car?

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Heading to the auto dealership to buy a new car is a daunting prospect. For many of us, it represents the second most expensive purchase we’ll …


Best drivers car of the year 2013

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More than 100 million Americans drive to work every day, and millions more are using their cars to accomplish everyday tasks. For most, daily driving is …


Best value cars of year 2013

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Kiplinger’s Best in Class winners top the rankings in each of our 12 categories. The rankings are based on performance, value and safety, as well as …


Significant technology turning points that transform car travel

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From music to travel to telecommunications, technology has transformed entire industries and disrupted traditional ways of doing business. Just ask record labels, travel agents and home …